The College has successfully organized many seminars on and off the campus.

Lectures by resource persons of Universities and Institutes are arranged to sharpen the intellectual and subject skill of trainees. Inter University and Inter-Collegiate competitions are held periodically to enable our students interact and compete with students of various institutes.


Scouts and Guides is part of the programme. At the beginning of the programme itself State Trainers on Scouts and Guides are brought in to impart training on these events, so that our students inculcate the spirit of social integration, communal harmony, discipline and value of live and let live.


Trainers will be highly benefited if they are in the know of making daily useful items. With this idea in mind resource persons are invited to impart training on making of things like candle, detergent cake, detergent powders, ink, cleaners, lotions, soft drinks, ice cream etc. Thus they practice and manufacture such Socially Usefully Productive things when they leave the campus.


Daily practical classes are held to impart training on making art and craft works. Raw materials are purchased in plenty so that students can make artistic patterns, work instruments and things with the assistance of the arts and craft trainer. They are bestowed with an opportunity to display their art and craft works in public and thus get acclaim.


The College caters to the all round development of the student teachers. A sound mind in a sound body is the need of these turbulent times. Hence, adequate physical training and exercises are given to student teachers. Similarly, to ease stress and tension and to have cool and composed mind yoga training is imparted with trained yoga masters.


A student teacher will be in an advantageous position if he/she is personally aware of student and teachers of differently able schools/institutions. Awareness of the complexity of God’s creation and the presence of physically and mentally challenged children in this world and the methods and techniques of educating them may help the student teacher know where he/she stands.

With this view in mind, student teachers are taken to such institutes and schools and they are allowed to mix freely with differntly abled children of God and understand their life. Our B.Ed trainees have opportuntiy to be with such deprived children and serve for them.


Union is Strength. Student Teachers hould know that by being united they can win the world and if divided they stand to loose. To realize this, student union is functioning in the College. The College Union has a Chairperson elected by Secretaries of various clubs, who in turn are elected by student teachers of various subjects. They periodically meet to seek redressal for their grievances and conduct meetings to gain worldly wisdom.


The College has various subject clubs and general clubs for Arts & Science. These clubs have Secretaries and elected office bearers. They are instrumental in arranging subject club meetings, seminars, quiz programmes and paper presentations. With activity throughout the academic year, the clubs become a source centre of learning, motivation, leadership formation, oratorical and debating skill development.


Training Programme is imparted to Student Teachers on weekend in fine arts events so that they can exhibit the innate potentialities. By the end of the academic year, two days cultural competitions are held with judges from appropriate fields. The best performers in each event are awarded with prizes and medals. This is a novel programme, arranged with the view that student teachers can impart training to students of institution wherein they may be employed.

Moreover, they are trained to shed stage complexes, fear and shyness etc. After these training programmes on poem recitation, solo song, kadhaprasangam, carnatic music, group song, mimicry, mono-act, fancy dress, tableau, mime, comedy skit, cinematic dance(group & single), bharatha natiyam, instrumental music, folk dance(group & single), thiruvathira, oppanai, villupattu, drama & national anthem

. Student Teachers are forthcoming and come out with flying colors in each and every walk of life.


A good teacher is one who knows life around. The different strata of society, segments of people, ups and downs of life, social political and economic problems must be known to one. Instead of theoretical knowledge, living with such people in their own environment will help in real understanding of the community. Therefore residential community camp program not less than a week duration is part of the B.Ed


A placement cell functions in our College which ties up with institutes and arrange placement interviews periodically. Many of our Student Teachers have been placed at reputed institutes through the assistance of the cell.


Functions with past students. They periodically meet within the campus and share their experience and expertise with the present students and render assistance in getting placement for them.